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Industrie minière et industrie extractive

Aggregate industry and crushing industry

Crushing and aggregate industry, services and supply of equipment for mines and quarries

Production of minerals and aggregates in mines and quarries

Mining operations and the production of aggregates involve the extraction of valuable minerals and other useful geological materials from a quarry or mine. In mines, the goal is to extract minerals, rare earth elements, and metals such as copper, iron, or gold, which are then supplied to various industries as raw materials.

In quarries, aggregates, and construction materials such as stone, sand, and other minerals are extracted. Depending on the quarry being exploited, loose rocks, igneous rocks, or massive rocks are extracted. The operation of a quarry and of its production facilities is a specific process that calls for mining expertise and know-how of companies that help the industry. This aggregate production is essential for numerous construction sectors, such as construction and civil engineering.

The process of producing aggregates in a quarry involves five stages: stripping, extraction, processing, material transfer, and storage. This production process varies depending on the type of terrain and the raw materials extracted from the ground. It differs, for example, when it comes to exploiting quarries for the production of alluvial aggregates, where rock extraction occurs in shallow or deep water. The choice of mining equipment and heavy mining machinery is crucial in such cases.

Services and equipment for aggregate production in quarries and mines

A crushing industry and aggregate industry that relies on multiple expertise in mining equipment and associated services for aggregate production and processing. These services include machine expertise, rebuild machine, and machine maintenance, where companies and their experts offer maintenance and reconditioning of heavy mining machinery and ground engaging tools, as well as rock processing machines such as crushers and grinders.

These latter machines are used to transform large rock blocks into rock aggregates. Crusher machines are very important to the production of aggregates with several types of machines available like impact crusher, jaw crushers or cone crushers.  Heavy machinery that requires expertise at the heart of companies that supply mining equipment and services to the crushing industry and aggregate industry. They cover all levels of production, ranging from the supply of spare parts for all brands, including wear parts and mechanical parts, to the management and the optimization of aggregate production processes.

Experts in aggregate production processes strive to allow aggregate industry companies to focus solely on production while they handle process study optimization, the design of fixed installations in quarries, and support for aggregate production efforts through performance contracts (Learn more about fixed plants solutions for quarrying).

The crushing industry takes environmental and working conditions issues seriously, with special attention given to problems such as recycling construction waste and rubble and managing dust in mines and quarries. These issues enable service companies in the aggregate industry to provide concrete and useful solutions regarding the management of the impact of quarries and mines on the environment and the health of their workers.

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