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The specificities of a quarry for the production of alluvial aggregates

A quarry is a place where construction materials are extracted such as stone, sand but also other materials. There are different quarries depending on the rocks exploited. Quarries can exploit loose rocks (dazzling, alluvial), eruptive or metamorphic rocks (slate, granite, porphyry, basalt …) or massive rocks (sedimentary consolidated rocks). In order to know which, the good installations are to foresee, we propose you studies of process and optimization of your quarries.

Alluvial rock quarries

The term “quarry” is used to designate a complete industrial installation which is composed of an extraction site and machines necessary for the treatment of the extracted rock. Our experts also offer to assist you in the key stages of a quarry facility design.

Alluvial rock quarries are used when alluvium is deposited in the bed of a river or if it has accumulated at the point of slope failure. An alluvium is a deposit that can be debris such as sand, silt, clay, pebbles, silt but also gravel.

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What are the different types of alluvium found in quarries?

There are different types of alluvium:

fluvial alluvium which is deposited by a river or a stream

fluvioglacial alluvium which is deposited by the melt water of a glacier

fluviomarine alluvium that accumulates in estuaries (portion of the mouth of a river from the sea or ocean into which it flows is perceptible).

When extraction is done directly at the shoreline if the site is submerged and shallow, it is done with cable shovels, bucket excavators, or with hydraulic shovels. However, on sites that are deeply submerged, extraction is done by hydraulic pumping with a suction pipe that is directly connected to a pump. We call this dredging.

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What wear parts are needed for your alluvial rock quarry?

It is necessary to use screens to separate the different materials according to the different calibers. Discover how a quarry works in this article.

Moreover, to maintain or optimize your productivity, it is necessary to maintain your machines. For this, we offer wear parts and mechanical parts

Characteristics of alluvial aggregates

The alluvial aggregate is a material which is accessible because it adapts to all types of uses. They are particularly used in the building sector since they constitute a privileged material for the manufacture of concrete. They are also used in the public works sector for the manufacture of engineering structures.

What is the route taken by alluvial aggregates?

The raw material is extracted and then taken to the processing operations. These installations are controlled by a specialized operator who will then transform this raw material into aggregate thanks to several phases of treatment. Indeed, the screen will then sort out, with the help of a sieve, the aggregates according to their size. The washing of the aggregate finally allows to remove any trace of mud, whether it is clay or dust.

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