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Maintenance of Crushing And Grinding Equipment

Machine maintenance


Maintenance of your crushing and grinding equipment in the aggregates industry

Maintenance of aggregate production equipment

In quarry facilities where the materials to be treated are abrasive, machine maintenance takes a significant part of the operating costs of your fixed plants solutions for quarrying. It represents between 15 and 40% of the variable costs. It is therefore essential for an aggregates production equipment facility to reduce these machine maintenance costs to increase its productivity. In addition, poor maintenance of aggregate production equipment leads to a loss of mineral product quality in terms of homogeneity and regularity. But it leads also to potential risks in terms of operator, environmental and financial safety. It also can end up in breakdowns of your aggregates production equipment because of damaged parts or components. Our mining experts and technicians will be able to conduct repairs or replace the mining and quarrying parts and components on your machinery. Replacements that are also possible with used mining and aggregates parts reconditioned for your machinery.

To ensure the proper functioning of your aggregates production facilities, we offer a machine maintenance service to optimize your maintenance costs and to gain productivity thanks to reduced downtime of your mining equipment. 

Our technicians work on all your grinding and crushing equipment: cones, jaws, strikers, shafts, bearings, eccentrics, rotor, vertical axis… 

Our machine maintenance solution is composed of four packages:

maintenance solution four packages

Our know-how in machine maintenance for the aggregates industry

Through a fast, high-quality machine maintenance and mining equipment repair service, our goal is to limit your aggregates production machine downtime. Because a broken machine is an unwanted production stop! Our mining machinery experts can repair all type of aggregates production machines with the possibility of using second-hand mining parts reconditioned in our workshops.

Our response trucks allow us to intervene in complete autonomy on-site to carry out the maintenance or repair of your quarry and sandpit equipment, and thus restore your aggregates production equipment as soon as possible. 

Also, for more complex interventions, our experienced machine maintenance and repair technicians dismantle the defective parts and return them to our workshop in Sorgues (84) for repair and overhaul, and then reassemble them on-site. 

In our workshop, our machine maintenance experts can also carry out boring, reloading, etc. 

machine maintenance expertise

Emergency response

emergency machine maintenance with workshop trucks

In the event of an emergency, our technical team intervenes quickly to repair your aggregates production equipment directly on your fixed plant site using our workshop trucks. 

Some examples of machine maintenance expertise for the aggregates industry

machine maintenance of a HP 400
Repair of an HP400

Repair of an HP400 in a secondary positioned following the breakage of the main shaft

Symptoms: Drop in lubrication pressure and significant noise at the head level

Actions carried out:

  • Dismantling of the machine
  • Replacement of the frame
  • Reassembly of the components with new bronze bushings, rebuild counter-shaft and new eccentric
blockage of a hp 100 crusher
Blockage on an HP100 crusher

Following a blockage of an HP100 crusher, our team intervened in an alluvial rock quarry for a diagnosis.

Actions carried out:

  • Dismantling of the crusher, assessment of the various elements
  • Repair in our workshops
  • Replacement of the bronze rings, the head of the eccentric and the counter-shaft
  • Replacement of the bronze sectors
  • Diagnosis of the pump: automation and safety
  • Replacement of the oil chamber as a preventive measure

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