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Design of fixed plant solutions for the aggregates industry

Facility design


Design and engineering of quarry installations

Facility design in the aggregate industry, also called engineering of mining fixed plant solutions

As part of your aggregates production activity, our Technical Studies Office offers design and mining engineering services for custom-made fixed plant solutions for quarries installations. Our expertise will allow you to meet your needs and will contribute to your productivity adapting to the deposit and to the processing of the raw mineral material into products.

Key steps in the design of a fixed mineral plant

Design and engineering of a fixed mineral plant for the mining industry

An aggregate facility design project, whether for a quarry, a sandpit, recycling, etc., is made up of four key stages:

  • Engineering: this first stage involves the study of the project in which the correct layout of the circuits (flowsheet) is defined. The choice of parts and of mineral processing plant equipment that will make up the facility comes next, as well as the equipment manufacturing plans. Our Technical Studies Office also draws up precise specifications with manufacturing listings, nomenclatures and technical instructions for each piece of aggregate production equipment. Once this has been done, our Technical Studies Office conceptualizes the facility via plans and a layout. 
  • Manufacturing and assembly of the mineral fixed plant: Through this second step, we buy the project equipment from our renowned aggregate production equipment suppliers and manufacture the mining parts that must be made to measure. This manufacturing work is carried out in our workshops. Once this is done, our experts assemble the equipment for the future facility. 
  • Delivery and assembly: After the assembly stage, the on-site delivery takes place. All the equipment is transported by truck to the site of the future facility. Following delivery, our team of technicians, specialized in the assembly of fixed mineral plants, assemble the facility by following the elements defined in the specifications.  
  • Commissioning and tests: After the assembly of the fixed facility, our technicians commission it. They perform all the tests to check that everything matches the flowsheets. To ensure the proper functioning of the fixed facility after it is commissioned, our technicians assist and train the customer’s teams.

Once the facility is commissioned, our teams continue their customer support via our Customer Services to be able to respond to our customers quickly and efficiently in case of breakdowns or the need for parts like crusher parts, screen parts or conveyor parts for example. We provide services of repair for your mining equipment and answer to your needs of parts with our range of new and second-hand aggregates machines parts.

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We also offer modifications, modernizations or upgrades to your existing fixed mining facilities to allow you to increase the production of your mineral plant, or even when the basic or finished product must be different from the current ones.
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