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Haladjian Group Csr

Haladjian Group CSR Policy

The activities of our group and its subsidiaries are subject to regulatory, environmental and societal constraints. Our CSR policy is part of a continuous improvement process to meet the expectations of increasingly demanding customers and mining suppliers in terms of CSR.

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  • Attract and retain talents and retain key skills
  • Maintain the social dialogue
  • Develop accountability and empowerment
  • Ensure the well-being of our employees
  • Promote diversity and fight against discrimination
  • Guarantee the quality and reliability of products
  • Invest in innovation
  • Maintain a responsible product lifecycle
  • Guarantee the safety of our employees and partners
  • Maintain good supplier relations and guarantee responsible purchasing (see diversity and the fight against discrimination)
  • Guarantee ethical behaviour in our business practice
  • Guarantee health and safety at work
    Reduce energy emissions
  • Reduce waste production
  • Ensure that responsible growth is maintained

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