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Fixed plants solutions for quarrying and aggregate production

Fixed plant solutions for quarrying

Fixed plants solutions for quarrying and aggregate production

Performance contracts, process optimization and facility design for mining and quarrying

Fixed plants in quarries are aggregate production facilities that allow mining processes to take place. However, to make the most of the transformation of the raw minerals, quarry plants necessitate the right mining equipment and machines to control production efforts. Assistance and services to support the production of aggregate products are also crucial to the success of quarry operations.

Because aggregate production involves more than just excavating and hauling raw materials from quarry plants, it entails a sophisticated and elaborate set of processes that transform raw materials into the desired type of aggregate production. Mining industry companies like Haladjian Minerals Solutions have the expertise, workforce, and know-how to assist and optimize aggregate production. They offer services such as facility design, optimization of aggregate production processes, and performance contracts to achieve these goals.

Agregates production process optimization

We assist clients in reevaluating their mineral production processes to enhance productivity through optimization of their mining grinding and crushing processes. Enhancing processes is crucial for boosting productivity and reducing costs per ton in the mining and aggregate sector. Our Technical Studies Office conducts mining process audits and upgrades for fixed crushing and sieving plants. This involves comprehensive analysis of mining needs and detailed assessments of aggregate production equipment and facilities, including flowsheets and crushing/sieving equipment. We then propose process optimizations and modifications to mining equipment based on grinding and crushing machine capacities.

Our process studies and audits optimize mineral processing plant equipment, resulting in:

  • Increased capacity and production in aggregate plants, allowing higher throughput without expanding space requirements.
  • Enhanced production stability at every facility stage.
  • Reduced equipment downtime and maintenance for mining crushing and grinding equipment through the installation of more modern, durable parts.
  • Decreased environmental impact combining sustainable development with increased productivity for aggregate production equipment.

Quarry Plants aggregates production facilities design

Our Technical Studies Office provides custom-designed fixed plant solutions for quarrying and for quarry installations as part of your aggregate production operations. Our expertise enables tailored solutions to match your requirements and enhance productivity while considering the deposit characteristics and mineral processing needs.

The process involves:

  • Project Study and Layout Design: Defining the circuits’ layout (flowsheet) and selecting suitable mineral processing plant equipment for the facility.
  • Specification and Manufacturing Plans: Detailed specifications, manufacturing listings, nomenclatures, and technical instructions for each component of the aggregate production equipment.
  • Manufacturing and Assembly: Sourcing equipment from established suppliers and creating bespoke mining parts. Assembling the fixed plant on-site as per specifications.
  • Delivery and Assembly: Transporting all equipment to the facility site and expert technicians assembling the plant based on defined elements.
  • Commissioning and Testing: Ensuring proper functioning and performance through testing.
  • Ongoing Customer Support: Through our Customer Services, we provide continuous assistance for breakdowns and parts needs such as crusher, screen, or conveyor components.

Our comprehensive approach ensures efficient facility design, production, and support for your aggregate production activities.

Contract performance for quarrying and the aggregate production industry

Through our performance contracts tailored for the aggregates industry, we enable customers to focus solely on their core business – aggregate production – by eliminating concerns related to unexpected issues with their mining crushing and grinding equipment, such as shutdowns, breakages, and productivity loss.

Within our performance contracts, we provide a comprehensive solution for fixed mineral plants, allowing customers to concentrate on producing marketable materials like aggregates and sand.

Once mining wear parts and mechanical parts are replaced in grinding or crushing equipment, our teams recalculate production capacity. This assessment helps monitor process optimization improvements resulting from corrective actions and validates the achievement of predefined objectives for aggregate production equipment.

Moreover, to ensure consistent performance of aggregates production plants and provide peace of mind, we assure the supply of mining spare parts and grant access to the complete range of Haladjian Minerals Solutions services, encompassing machine expertise, machine maintenance, and rebuild machine. These measures aim to minimize unscheduled shutdowns on aggregate production equipment and mitigate any disruptions impacting the aggregates industry business.

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