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Installation of a fixed quarry installation by HMS teams

Haladjian Minerals Solutions designs and builds your fixed aggregate production plants in your quarry

Do you plan to build a fixed plant, modify or optimize your site? The Haladjian Minerals Solutions Technical Design Office is specialized in the maintenance, design and construction of crushing-sieving plants for massive rock quarries, alluvial quarries, sand deposits or recovery centers. 

What are the steps in the realization of a fixed plant to produce aggregates?

As part of your aggregate production activity, Haladjian Minerals Solutions offers a turnkey solution starting from the process study, design and manufacture of complete plants. Our mission: to provide you with suitable equipment to improve your productivity or determine the process for your future plant.

A 360° service delivery

  • Engineering or study of the project: the study of the process and the definition of the circuit diagram (flow sheet) make it possible to size and optimize the positions for crushing, grinding and sieving machines, the washing of materials, and conveyors.
  • Definition of material needs: compilation of parts and material needs, and production of plans necessary for the manufacture of the installation.
  • Realization of plans for the fixed plant and its establishment on your site.
  • Manufacture of equipment and machinery by our world-renowned suppliers.
  • Manufacture of sheet metal assemblies in our factory floors: hoppers, sieving and grinding stations, conveyors, silos, etc.
  • Delivery made by us and assembly of the installation directly on site by Haladjian Minerals Solutions Technicians, in accordance with the specifications.
  • Start-up, adjustment and control of the correct operation of the installation for perfect compliance with the specifications.
  • Training of your teams in the management and proper operation of the machines and associated equipment.
  • Management of the CE certification file.
  • Establishment of a documentary binder including nomenclatures, technical manuals and machine maintenance manuals.

A guarantee of long-term performance of the installation ​

Take advantage of additional Haladjian Minerals Solutions services:

  • Supply of wear parts and mechanical parts for grinders, crushers, etc.
  • Fast repair in the event of machine breakdown all over France
  • Expertise, mechanical and electrical inspection of machines
  • Maintenance of equipment supplied by us or by other suppliers
  • Rebuild machine / rebuild component (also called reconditioning)
  • Optimization of existing installations
  • Performance contracts 

Discover all Haladjian Minerals Solutions services and offers by visiting our website and all the solutions of our company specialized in mines and quarries production. We supply machines for aggregate production and guarantee services of machine expertise, machine maintenance and rebuild programs for your heavy equipment in quarries.


Isabelle Charles, your contact at the Haladjian Minerals Solutions Design Office

Isabelle is in charge of technical studies and request for proposals for quarry facilities. Her experience and her expertise allow us to respond to new projects or the revamping of aggregate production facilities. She comes to meet you to accompany you in your project.

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Réalisation du plan 3D de votre installation de production de granulats