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What is the extraction of materials by dredging?

Alluvial quarries use the extraction system called dredging for submerged materials. Dredging is one of the first steps in the aggregate production process in a quarry.

What is dredging?

Dredging consists of the extraction of submerged soils for alluvial materials. This operation can take place in rivers, tributaries, channels, lakes, sea or by the sea.

To carry out the dredging of materials, different means of extraction are possible.


If the extraction is carried out by the sea or a riverside, a dragline is used to extract the materials from the water. On the other hand, on deep submerged sites, the extraction is carried out by dredging.

But what is a dragline?

It is more like a cable shovel, an excavation machine generally used in quarries for the extraction of alluvial materials such as gravel or even earth, sand…

The dragline / cable shovel consists of a large bucket suspended from a boom with cables. The dragline operator must control and manipulate the bucket with precision.



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What is dredging?

Dredging is carried out when the submerged sites are deep, the method of dredging is then used by hydraulic pumping equipped with a suction pipe. Special vessels, static or mobile, are equipped with either a hydraulic pump or a motor pump which recovers materials from deep waters by suction. The extracted materials are stored on board and then evacuated.

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