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Extraction of mineral resources for aggregates production

Extraction of mineral ressources

Extraction of mineral resources for aggregates production

Aggregates production processes and engineering solutions for the mining industry

In both quarries and mining operations, the mining industry’s primary activity is the extraction of mineral resources. It supplies various industries with raw materials extracted from the earth, including construction materials, aggregates, metals, and other minerals.

Once extracted from the earth, minerals and geological resources are transported, processed, and refined within the aggregates production processes commonly used by the mining industry. The aggregate industry uses processes like blasting, drilling, extraction, crushing, milling, washing, screening and classification. Haladjian Minerals Solutions provides aggregates production engineering solutions and makes the most of extracting minerals from rock.

Operators in quarries and mines, whether open-pit or underground, must follow efficient and profitable production processes once the minerals are extracted. Our mining experts are specialists in providing the best engineering solutions for the mining industry.

The quality of the mining equipment used, along with proper machine maintenance, is crucial to ensuring the success of any production and transformation activity like converting mineral raw materials into finished and standardized aggregate products.

The aggregates production process in a quarry involves five main stages:

  • The pickling of the non-exploited earth on the surface
  • Extraction of the material
  • Transfer of materials to be treated
  • Treatment of the granulates
  • The storage

Expertise in maintenance and supply of spare parts for the mining industry

Haladjian Minerals Solutions is a company specialized in the maintenance of mining equipment, and in mechanical and electrical inspections of aggregate production equipment, and other preventive measures to avoid breakdowns or failures of crushing and grinding machines. These measures are essential for maintaining and optimizing the productivity of aggregates production operations.

These machines are responsible for sorting, cutting, and shaping ores to give them a size suitable for the standards of various sectors that use metals, aggregates, and other construction aggregates in their respective industries. Haladjian Minerals Solutions also provides mining spare parts, wear parts, and mechanical parts to operators in quarries or mines. These operators must be able to have continually replenished stocks or be able to call on a supplier at any time. HMS experts handle the logistics and planning of mining spare parts while their clients focus on extracting and transforming minerals.

Activities of production in quarries and mines for which machines such as screens and impact crushers play a crucial role.

Optimizing the aggregates production process from mineral resources extraction

Like any production site – with mining being no exception – a certain number of processes and installations can be optimized thanks to engineering solutions. They improve the efficiency and productivity of mineral resources extraction and transformation.

The Haladjian Minerals Solutions mining experts also help implement engineering solutions for the aggregates production processes optimization. Our engineers design facilities in quarries and build production sites from scratch or improve existing facilities .

For example, we provide advice and studies to optimize aggregate production plants in quarries and therefore we help clients reconsider their aggregates production processes. The goal is to increase their productivity and reduce the cost per ton of their production site. Our technical studies office conducts process studies and upgrades fixed crushing and screening installations in quarries.

Our experts also offer design and manufacturing services for custom fixed facilities in quarries to meet our clients’ needs. This allows better productivity and efficiency of the transformation of raw materials into marketable products.

The design of fixed installations in quarries takes place in several stages:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • Delivery and assembly
  • Commissioning and testing

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