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The use of a screen on your mining and quarrying facilities for aggregate production

Screens are essential elements in the rock crushing process that takes place during aggregate production processes.

Why is a screen used in aggregate production quarries?

A screen is used in quarries and mines. During the various stages of rock crushing, the screen is used to obtain the size of rock desired by the customer. There are different types of screens that must be installed according to certain characteristics such as the granulometry desired by the mines and quarries. Our teams propose spare parts compatible for all models of screen.

In quarries and mines, the rock goes through different stages of crushing. The screen is then an essential element during these different stages. Its mission is to push back the large pieces of rock that must then go to the crushing. The pieces of rock are then presented again to the screen to the desired size for the aggregates. The operation is repeated until the desired final size is obtained. Finally, the aggregates are distributed, with the help of conveyor belts, according to their granulometry on different places of the quarry or the mine.

What are the other missions of a screen in aggregate production quarries?

Screens can have another use. Indeed, in a first step, the screen serves as a sieve for the fine granulometry of the aggregate by letting pass in the meshes the elements lower than the desired size. Our technical teams allow you to optimize the profitability of your quarry or your mine. To do this, our teams visit your mines or quarries to propose process and engineering studies that will make these improvements possible. Find explanations about our aggregate production process.


Screens for your crushers and grinders

Depending on the granulometry, different screens can be used. Indeed, primary screens are screens that are resistant and efficient, which allows to separate large pieces of rock. There are then different systems such as metal screens, modular screens, grid screens, finger screens. You can discover the different parts needed for these screens.

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The operation of an oscillating screen in quarries or aggregate production mines

Oscillating screens are mainly used in the timber industry for the purpose of separating lighter resources and raw materials in areas that are wet and dry. The screen is operated by means of a circular screening motion that allows the material to be spread out on the horizontal plane. The material is then passed through the screen to obtain the desired different sizes. A sinusoidal throwing motion ensures high screening accuracy.

The operation of a vibrating screen in quarries or aggregate production mines

Vibrating screens are mainly used in the recycling sector but also in the building materials sector. Its projection movement, which is also sinusoidal, ensures a high screening precision. The vibrating screen is composed of several superimposed tables which allow the smallest material to fall on the screen below and so on. The materials are finally evacuated at the end of the table according to their granulometry.

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