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The role of the crusher in quarries for the aggregate industry

Crushers are machines designed to transform large boulders into rock aggregates, stones, pebbles, gravel, rock dust and rock sand. These machines are mainly used in the mining and quarrying industry and in the construction industry too. They are also called grinders, rock crushers or rock crushing machines. Haladjian Minerals Solutions uses its mining expertise to deliver services and supply spare parts.

What is a crusher?

A crusher is a machine that crushes materials to the size and shape required. Crushing involves applying a mechanical force to a material trapped between two strong surfaces. This force causes the material to fracture or deform.

Crushers are classified into 4 categories of crushing level: primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary. The primary crusher is used to crush large boulders directly from quarries. The secondary, tertiary, or quaternary crusher is used to refine the crushing level.

A crusher can be fixed or mobile. The fixed crusher, more common, is an integral part of fixed facilities. The mobile crusher is equipped with either pneumatic wheels or tracks to move around.

What are the different types of crushers?

Several types of crushers exist to offer different crushing techniques.

Jaw crusher

  • How it works: it reduces the size of the material by low to high pressure between 2 plates, the fixed jaw and the mobile jaw. The jaws compress the aggregates to reach the right size.
  • Application: ideal for heavy duty use. Mainly used as a primary crusher. Very common on solid rock, loose rock or recycling production sites in quarries, mines, and demolition sites.
  • Finished product quality: rather flat.
  • Costs: has the lowest wear and operating costs, generally much lower than impact crushers and cone crushers.

Cone crusher

  • How does a cone crusher for the mining industry work: a cone mounted on an eccentric shaft crushes the material in the crushing chamber. The crusher reduces the size of the material by pressing between the fixed concave jaw and the movable jaw
  • Application: it is an improved gyratory crusher. It is used in the 2nd and 3rd crushing stage and is suitable for processing medium-hard to hard natural rock, abrasive natural rock, and raw materials in mining applications. 
  • Finished product quality: provides standard cubic grain sizes, provided the rock properties allow it.
  • Cost: slightly higher operating costs than a jaw crusher but lower than an impact crusher when processing hard, abrasive rock.

Gyratory crusher or rotary crusher

The design of the gyratory crusher differs from that of the cone crusher: this machine is often considered the equivalent of several jaw crushers around a central axis. The material passes into the crushing chamber where it is pressed against the walls of the cavity.

Impact crusher or hammer impact crusher

  • How it works: it reduces the size of the material by impact and percussion. The rock falls over and over again onto a fast-rotating rotor which throws it against fixed impact screens until it reaches the desired size. Granulometry is adjusted by spacing the impact plates. Offers high output and performance.
  • Application: used as a primary crusher (for non-abrasive materials) and as a secondary or tertiary crusher to bring materials previously crushed by a jaw crusher up to standard. Used in quarries, cement factories, demolition sites, sand pits and for recycling. Suitable for recycling concrete, asphalt, and construction rubble; removes reinforcing bars from concrete.
  • Finished product quality: shape, granulometry and cleanliness of the finished product of high quality.
  • Cost: its profitability depends on the physical properties of the material to be crushed and the flow of material through the plant, which must be kept as homogeneous as possible.

Haladjian Minerals Solutions solutions and services for your crushers

Haladjian Minerals Solutions is a distributor of spare partswear parts and mechanical parts for crushers.

Haladjian Minerals Solutions also offers various services for crushers:

  • machine expertise : It is a program of mechanical and electrical inspectionsof your grinding and crushing machines. The goal is to anticipate potential stoppages and failures. In doing so, downtime on mining equipment will be reduced and safety at work will be improved. The idea is to check their state of integrity and identify potential risks on your mobile crusher plant or your fixed plant equipment.
  • machine maintenance : In quarry facilities where the materials to be treated are abrasive, machine maintenancetakes a significant part of the operating costs of your fixed plant solutions for quarrying. It represents between 15 and 40% of the variable costs. It is therefore essential for an aggregates production equipment facility to reduce these machine maintenance costs to increase its productivity. Four packages are available depending on your needs.  
  • machine rebuild : Our program aims to extending the life of crushing and grinding machines and mining components by remanufacturing them. Our rebuild program allows your aggregates production equipment to regain its optimal performance. Carrying out overhauls at different times during the lifespan of your equipment will improve your productivity, extend the operating time and reduce costs.


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