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Screen Wear Parts

Screen Wear Parts

Haladjian Minerals Solutions: supply of screen wear parts

Screen equipment in quarry operations

Screens are crucial to quarry operations because they facilitate the sorting and classification of materials extracted from the quarry. The extraction of minerals in quarry operations mixes various sizes of materials like rocks, stones, sand, gravel, and other aggregates. The use of screens takes place fully in the rock crushing process.

Screens are vibrating or rotating devices with mesh or perforated surfaces that allow smaller particles to pass through while retaining larger ones. They are used to classify minerals based on size. They separate the extracted minerals into different grades or categories, allowing for efficient processing and utilization. In quarry operations, screens are often the first point of contact in the aggregates production processing chain after extraction. They remove oversized or undersized mineral materials, ensuring that only the desired sizes proceed to the next stage of processing.

There are various types of screens used in quarry operations, including inclined screens, horizontal screens, scalping screens, and grizzly screens. Each type has its specific application and benefits, depending on the nature of the mineral being processed.


Maintenance, repair and supply of screens wear parts

Mining equipment like screen devices are sensitive to wear and are weakened by the fact that they deal with abrasive material. Screens are at risk and must be inspected regularly. Maintaining screen equipment in good condition necessitates anticipating wear and possible breakdowns.

Haladjian Minerals Solutions provides services for machine maintenance and machine expertise that help mining companies keep their mining equipment working efficiently. This is crucial for the efficiency of aggregates production and allows the extension of your aggregates equipment’s lifespan.

Our experts in quarry production equipment are trained to conduct repair and maintenance inspections on all types of mining equipment. They can supply and install mining wear parts and mechanical parts on your screen machinery.

Screens that are currently integrated in the overall reflection about aggregates production processes during mining process studies that Haladjian Mineral Solutions conducts regularly. We provide process optimization studies, engineering services for the mining industry, fixed plant facilities design, and performance contracts. All our services related to aggregates production provide high-value recommendations for improving our client’s production performance in quarries.


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