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Grinding machinery

Grinding Machinery for Aggregate Production Equipment

Haladjian Minerals Solutions specializes in supplying wear parts and mechanical components to companies operating in the aggregate production industry.

After mineral extraction, the reduction of material size is a crucial step in aggregate production. Grinding machines play a key role in transforming extracted material into the final product. A grinding machine, or grinder, is an industrial power tool that utilizes an abrasive wheel for cutting. The abrasive is bonded to a wheel, belt, or disc with the goal of removing material and improving surface finish.

Different types of grinding machines exist, each designed for specific materials and functions, influencing the machine’s size and capacity.

Different Types of Grinders for Varied Objectives

The aggregates production industry employs various grinding machines, including:

  • Surface Grinders: Comprising an abrasive wheel, chuck, and rotary table, surface grinders fix materials while rotating the wheel and object to produce a finished product.
  • Cylindrical Grinders: Shaping the outside of a workpiece, cylindrical grinders rotate both the workpiece and grinding wheel through a central axis.
  • Centerless Grinders: Using two rotary wheels to secure the workpiece, the speed of wheel rotation determines material removal rate.
  • Tool & Cutter Grinders: Utilizing CNC machines with multiple axes and grinding wheels, these grinders sharpen and produce milling cutters.

Grinding and crushing machines collaborate both in aggregate production operations. In quarries, wear on rock crushing and grinding machines is inevitable, necessitating increased monitoring for sustained tool life.

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Grinding Machinery Wear Parts Supply and Preventive Maintenance

Grinding Machines Experts

Grinding equipment includes dry and wet ball mills. Haladjian Minerals Solutions supplies wear parts and mechanical components for cone grinders, jaw crushers, turbo mills, screens, and conveyors.

Wear on liners, cylinders, grid plates, liner bolts, and pinions can occur for several reasons like improper material selection, too long running time, corrosion, and material mismatch.

Various internal and external constraints can lead to problematics on grinding machines. Internal constraints can be due to mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic components, while external factors include environmental conditions and equipment misuse.

These constraints lead to accelerated wear and potential production stoppages, impacting aggregate quality. Preventive maintenance for crushing and grinding machines is crucial for sustaining efficiency and productivity in the quarry.

Other products and mining equipment related to crushing and grinding machine include:

  • Gyratory crushers
  • Rollers and sizers
  • Mobile and portable crushers
  • Electric crushing and screening solutions
  • Rock breakers
  • Feeder-breakers and reclaim feeders
  • Apron feeders and belt feeders
  • Remote control technology for crushing unit control
  • Vibrating screens and scalpers
  • Hammer mills
  • Ball mills, pebble mills, autogenous mills, and semi-autogenous (SAG) mills
  • Mill liners and feed chutes
  • Belt conveyors
  • Wire ropes

Our services and assistance to aggregates production equipment include machine expertise, machine maintenance, and rebuild machine. Haladjian Mining Solutions also provides expertise in process study and optimization, facility design, and performance contracts.

Feel free to contact us for any questions about grinding machinery maintenance topics and wear and mechanical parts supply.


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