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preventive maintenance for crushers and grinders on quarries

Haladjian Minerals Solution: spare parts and preventive maintenance experts for your crushing and grinding machines

In quarries, the wear on rock crushing and grinding machines is inevitable. It requires increased monitoring to sustain the aggregate production tools and extend the life of the equipment.

Haladjian Minerals Solutions is a supplier specialized in wear parts and mechanical parts for cone grinders, jaw crushers, turbo mills, screens, conveyors and ATMs (metal apron feeders). We also provide used mining parts for all type of mining equipment. Haladjian Minerals Solution is also specialized in services for the maintenance and repair of fixed aggregate production plants.

How and why maintain your aggregate production equipment?

What is the role of a machine in a quarry?


Your aggregate production tools such as grinders and crushers are full members of your quarry. Their proper functioning allows gains in productivity and safety, for the quarry worker or the machine. In this specific sphere, the machine is subject to various internal or external constraints that can impact its operation.


What are the constraints to which grinders and crushers are subjected?


These constraints are of different natures:

  • Internally: they are mainly mechanical but also electrical or hydraulic. They concern all mechanical parts and wear parts without exception. They are all important.
  • Externally: they affect the environment of the machine (dust, humidity, cold, heat, etc.) and also the incorrect use of the equipment by an operator.


What are the consequences for the machines?


All these internal and external constraints to the machine generate hasty wear and lead to a short or even total stoppage of the production of aggregates to allow a troubleshooting intervention (machine breakdown) / repair (machine breakage). Your productivity and your treasury are then impacted to a greater or lesser extent.

A loss of quality of the aggregates in terms of their homogeneity and their regularity is also one of the consequences linked to poor maintenance of the grinding and crushing equipment. Other possible consequences are risks for the safety of operators and for the environment.

To limit the impacts related to the wear of your crushers and grinders, opt for preventive machine maintenance.


Why opt for preventive maintenance in your quarry?


The preventive is very important in the operation of the machines because it allows the extension of its life but also allows the cleaning, the replacement, the verification of vital organs and any other component according to the downtime.

Preventive machine maintenance is like the technical control for cars and the VGP for public works machinery.


What the law says?


Companies in the extractive industry are also concerned by Article R4322-1 of the French Labor Code which states that “Work equipment and means of protection, regardless of their user, are maintained in a state of compliance with the rules design and construction techniques applicable when they are put into service in the establishment, including in view of the instructions. “.

Preventive machine maintenance makes it possible to comply with the law: a controlled and maintained machine reduces the risk of incidents and accidents, secures its operation and thereby the operators.


What is the challenge for preventive maintenance in the quarry?


 In fixed plants in quarries where the materials to be treated are abrasive and where dust is all over the place, maintenance occupies an important role in the expenses of the company, on average between 15 and 40% of the variable costs.

Contrary to some popular belief, a machine stoppage linked to an unexpected incident is more expensive than a scheduled stoppage for preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is prepared beforehand to optimize intervention time: intervention teams, equipment and necessary spare parts are on site and available immediately. No waste of time!

Our expertise in quarry machine maintenance

To ensure the proper functioning of your fixed plants in your quarry, we offer various servicesmachine expertisemachine rebuild (or reconditioning) and machine maintenance.

The machine maintenance and repair service will help optimize your maintenance costs and anticipate the risks of machine downtime.

To limit the downtime of your aggregate production equipment, Haladjian Minerals Solutions makes every effort to offer you programmed, qualitative and fast machine maintenance carried out by experienced and passionate technicians and repairmen. Our technicians work on your cones, jaws, strikers, shafts, bearings, rotor, etc.

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