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Haladjian Minerals Solutions designed a custom-made chute

Engineering of a custom-made chute in an aggregates production quarry

Haladjian Minerals Solutions is an aggregates production services company. When our client contacted us to solve his productivity problems in relation with the conveying of its aggregates production, it took a little time for our team of mining experts to provide a solution to our clients’ productivity matters.

☑️ Flexible anti-clogging rubber on the back
☑️ Installation of a waterproof reception


As a result, they designed and made this custom-made chute for a better aggregates productivity What they did: They installed a flexible anti-clogging rubber on the back and a waterproof reception.

Haladjian Minerals Solutions provides to the aggregates and mining production a large range of services such as  machine expertise and process study and optimization. We provide the mechanical parts your mining machines need to be rebuild and for the optimization of your aggregates production.

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