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Découvrez l’offre Haladjian Minerals Solutions d’optimisation des process et ingénierie des Mines

Support: optimizing your processes

Increase your aggregate production thanks to the Haladjian Minerals Solutions process optimization services?

Have you ever thought about process optimization? Our Technical Design Office will assist you in questioning your process to achieve greater productivity. 

We carry out a complete analysis of your needs and installations through a study of the flowsheet. We also look deep into your crushing and screening equipment to propose process modifications according to machine capacities. 

Thanks to our solid experience in the crushing and grinding industry, we can help our customers question their own mineral production process to achieve more productivity.  The process optimization of their mining equipment is key to the accomplishment of their industrial goals.

Our process study and optimization services takes place throughout three main steps :

  • The audit: Our technical team audits your entire mining production plant (site, location and equipment) and identifies the problems encountered.
  • The recommendation of solutions: Following the audit, solutions are recommended to meet the objectives set while limiting the downtime of the facility for the implementation of these solutions
  • The Implementation: Last step in the implementation of solutions for the optimization of your aggregate production equipment with the change/modification of mining equipment and processes.

An optimization process of your production that will give a second life to your aggregates production and to your fixed installations. Thanks to our services of facility design, our Technical Studies Office offers design and mining engineering services for custom-made fixed plant solutions for quarries installations.

A service that will provide you with services such as:

  • Engineering that involves the study of the project in which the correct layout of the circuits (flowsheet) is defined, the choice of parts and of mineral processing plant equipment, as well as the equipment manufacturing plans.
  • Manufacturing and assembly of the mineral fixed plant where we buy the project equipment from our renowned aggregate production equipment suppliers and manufacture the mining parts that must be made to measure.
  • Delivery and assembly which takes place after the assembly stage and then the on-site delivery is organized. Following delivery, our team of technicians, specialized in the assembly of fixed mineral plants, assemble the facility by following the elements defined in the specifications.
  • Commissioning and tests which occur after the assembly. Our technicians perform all the tests to check that everything matches the flowsheets. They ensure the proper functioning of the fixed facility.

When our customers want to devote themselves entirely to their business without having to deal with unplanned problems on their mining crushing and grinding equipment like shutdowns, breakages or loss of productivity, we offer services of performance contracts.

=> Opting for the optimization of your production processes allows you to increase your productivity and reduce the cost per ton. Haladjian Minerals Solutions will support you with a global offer of process optimization of your aggregates and mining production.


Your Haladjian Minerals Solutions Customer Service is available for any questions / quotes on +33 (0)4 90 39 39 55.

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