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Vue d'un rebuild machine broyeur HP200

Rebuild of an HP200 grinder

Our team performed the rebuild of an HP200 grinder. To do so, our experts in rebuild machine services took specific actions with two different levels of intervention:

Crusher level :

Disassembling the crusher. 

– Removal of the frame bearing, head bearing and bowl bearing in reloading and machining. 

– Drilling of the pin housings of the adapter ring on the bowl 

– Repair of the adapter ring 

– Replacement of the following parts: bronze rings, bearings, lower stop, bushings, counter shaft, eccentric, adjustment and locking rings, holding cylinders, locking cylinders, bronze protection sectors 

– Reassembly of the whole 

– Putting back in nitrogen pressure of all the hydraulic accumulators 

– Painting and replacement of the safety pictograms 

At the level of the plant :
Cleaning of the tanks 

– Replacement of the lubrication pump and coupling, of the whole hydraulic drilling block, of all the filters 

– Adjustment and tests 

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