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Electrical and mechanical inspection during a machine expertise operation

Conducting mechanical and electrical inspections for aggregates production equipment

You want to know more on how to maintain the reliability and the productivity of your aggregates production crushing and grinding machines? It is an important matter that puts the productivity of your fixed installations for quarries and mines at stake. An unplanned machine shutdown is costly and can also lead to safety risks for the aggregate production facility and its operators.

It is for that reason that Haladjian Minerals Solutions has developed its machine expertise solution for companies of the aggregates and mining industry

Electrical and mechanical inspections with our machine expertise solution

The HMS machine expertise solution will avoid any long and cost-effective disruption of your production because of shutdowns due to weakened mining components and mining wear parts.

Anticipation is the key factor of our aggregates production services support since we program in advance the electrical and mechanical inspections of your crushing and grinding machines.

This will allow us to identify any weaknesses that could be at the origin of future unplanned downtime of your aggregates production. To do that, our mining experts will conduct all the checks needed on your fixed installations from the wear parts to the mechanical parts. All this during short programmed production stoppages.

This machine expertise service has two main advantages: Firstly, you will be able to planify your production shutdown and secondly, it will reduce considerably your losses caused by long periods of inactivity due to mining equipment failures.

The 5 steps of the technical inspection of your aggregate production equipment

These inspections are first scheduled in advance to match any of your programmed shutdowns. Then we conduct the mining equipment mechanical expertise including disassembly, visual and metrological control as well as mechanical and electrical inspections of the machine in operation.

The third step will then consist in preparing a detailed report of the mechanical and electrical inspections with replacement recommendations necessary for the proper functioning of the mining equipment. We will then deliver to you a quote within 48 / 72h and finally we will be able to plan an Intervention on your fixed or mobile plant site according to the degree of emergency.

Our expertise in maintenance machine will assure you quick and efficient maintenance operations with the guarantee of reducing financial and production costs on the long term.

This machine and maintenance expertise solution conduct inspections that include:

☑️ More than 100 control points taking into account manufacturer data.
☑️ A report listing the recommendations and the degree of emergency intervention according to the rate of wear, the risk of breakage and the weakness of your equipment.
☑️ Maintenance planning.
No-load and load tests.

Thanks to our support, you will gain confidence and serenity in your aggregates production activity while extending the lifetime of your crushing and grinding machines.

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