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Cone Crushers Maintenance

Cone Crushers

The Importance of Cone Crushers Preventive Maintenance and Crushing Parts Management

Maintenance is a pivotal aspect of mining and aggregate equipment management. Haladjian Minerals Solutions is a company specializing in maintenance operations, spare parts supply, and aggregates production equipment rebuild programs. Maintaining cone crushers is an operation that requires a team of experts with experience and know-how. Haladjian Minerals Solutions offers services for cone crusher preventive maintenance and the supply of crusher parts.

Cone crushers are prevalent equipment in quarries used for aggregates production, serving as part of the intermediate-sized reduction machinery alongside impact and jaw crushers. They are highly valuable for aggregate industry companies seeking to reduce the size of raw materials, making crushers crucial in quarry operations.

How Do Cone Crushers Work?

Cone Crushers

Cone crushers are utilized for secondary, tertiary, and quaternary stages. Each cone crusher features a fixed jaw and a movable jaw. The movable jaw performs rotational movements inside the fixed jaw, and this rotational motion exerts the crushing force on materials.

The process involves a cone mounted on an eccentric shaft that crushes materials in the crushing chamber. The crusher reduces material size by compressing it between the fixed concave jaw and the movable jaw. These crushers are widely employed for producing aggregate material finer than approximately 50-100 mm.

Metso HP Cone Crusher Technical Specificities

HP100 cone crusher

The HP100 cone crusher has a 735 mm head diameter with a power of 90 kW. The cone crusher weighs 6,470 kg, with a feed opening of 150 mm and a capacity of 155 Mtph.

HP200 cone crusher

The HP200 cone crusher has a 940 mm head diameter with a power of 132 kW. The cone crusher weighs 12,160 kg, with a feed opening of 185 mm and a capacity of 250 Mtph.

HP300 cone crusher

The HP300 cone crusher has a 1,120 mm head diameter with a power of 220 kW. The cone crusher weighs 18,100 kg, with a feed opening of 241 mm and a capacity of 440 Mtph.

HP400 cone crusher

The HP400 cone crusher has a 1,320 mm head diameter with a power of 315 kW. The cone crusher weighs 23,600 kg, with a feed opening of 304 mm and a capacity of 630 Mtph.

What Is the Crushing Process?

This process is known as comminution, involving multiple stages of crushing and milling to reduce material to minute fragments or particles. Cone crushers can crush various types of medium to hard mineral rocks and stones. They are characterized by low energy consumption, reliability, and high efficiency, boasting a significant reduction ratio. These machines transform large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, sand, or rock dust, facilitating efficient product transport via conveyors. Crushing machines play a crucial role in the initial stages of mineral separation, and any waste material is recycled whenever possible. The dust created in quarries is also a matter that Haladjian Minerals Solutions takes seriously.

Why Is Cone Crusher Maintenance Important?

The primary components of a cone crusher include the main shaft, mantle, concaves, cone, eccentric bushing, drive, crown gear, frame, and mechanical or hydraulic tramp release mechanism. Cone crushers consist of numerous essential components, all of which play critical roles in the stone and mineral crushing process. Haladjian Minerals Solutions provides a variety of cone crusher parts and components, and our mining and aggregate experts conduct maintenance and replacements, allowing mining companies to focus on aggregates production. Our team offers comprehensive solutions and advice regarding your crusher parts and necessary maintenance, effectively extending the lifespan of your crushing equipment.

Haladjian Minerals Solutions recommends that customers opt for high-quality parts to maintain their production facilities and prolong the life of their equipment. This choice ensures that crushers operating in quarries and mines continue to perform at high levels. Nevertheless, these components require careful inspection and regular replacement. Hence, we offer a wide selection of wear parts and mechanical components, including:

  • Mechanical Parts such as:
    • Bowl assembly
    • Head assembly
    • Frame assembly
    • Hydraulic assembly
    • Counterweight assembly
    • Connecting rod
    • Connecting rod shield
    • Articulation flap and grain
    • Return system
    • Adjustment system
    • Tightening screws
    • Shaft
    • Pulley – Transmission…
  • Spare parts such as:
    • Distributor cone
    • Locking screw and spacer ring (martyr)
    • Fixed jaw
    • Movable jaw
    • Unbalanced armor
    • Frame armor
    • Fixing corner
    • Upper and lower side shields
    • Shock screen
    • Rotor
    • Strikers

Haladjian Minerals Solutions offers guidance and services related to mining, crushing, and grinding equipment. Read our stories to learn more about various crushing equipment for quarries and mechanical parts for jaw and impact crushers and other topics by accessing our news mining, crushing, and grinding content.

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