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Jaw Crushers Maintenance

Jaw Crushers

The Importance of Jaw Crushers Maintenance and the Supply of Mechanical and Spare Parts

Why Is Jaw Crushers Maintenance Crucial for Aggregates Production?

Taking care of your crushing equipment is vital for the success of any mining operation. Component failures and machine downtime can jeopardize the viability of an operation. Preventive maintenance operations are essential to avoid such situations.

Haladjian Minerals Solutions is a company with expertise in quarry equipment and extensive experience in performing jaw crushers maintenance operations. Preventive maintenance programs can be organized for companies, allowing them to focus solely on the core of their activities: aggregate production. Additionally, we provide mechanical parts for jaw crushers, which are indispensable components of crushing equipment, requiring reliable and high-quality aggregate production equipment’s parts.

Haladjian Minerals Solutions offers quality jaw crushers mechanical parts, such as:

  • Bowl assembly for jaw crushers
  • Head assembly for jaw crushers
  • Cone mill frame assembly for jaw crushers
  • Hydraulic assembly for jaw crusher
  • Counter shaft assembly for jaw crushers

How Do Jaw Crushers Work?

Jaw Crushers

A jaw crusher reduces the size of materials through low to high-pressure exerted between two plates, the fixed jaw and the mobile jaw. These jaws compress aggregates to achieve the desired size. This crushing machine is ideal for heavy-duty use and primarily serves as a primary crusher. They are commonly found in applications involving solid rock, loose rock, or recycling production sites in quarries, mines, and demolition sites. The quality of the finished product is typically quite consistent. It’s worth noting that jaw crushers often have lower wear and operating costs compared to impact crushers and cone crushers.

Services for Maintenance and Supply of Crushing Equipment

Jaw Crushers

Haladjian Minerals Solutions is a distributor of spare parts, wear parts, and mechanical components for crushers and other aggregate production equipment. We also provide a range of services for crushers, including:

  • Machine Expertise: We conduct mechanical and electrical inspections of your grinding and crushing machines with the goal of anticipating potential stoppages and failures. This approach reduces downtime on mining, crushing, and grinding equipment and improves workplace safety. We assess their structural integrity and identify potential risks.
  • Machine Maintenance: In quarry facilities where materials are abrasive, machine maintenance constitutes a significant portion of operating costs, typically ranging between 15% and 40% of variable costs. Therefore, it’s vital for aggregate production equipment facilities to reduce these machine maintenance costs to enhance productivity.
  • Machine Rebuild: Our program is designed to extend the life of crushing and grinding machines and mining components through remanufacturing. Our rebuild program enables your aggregate production equipment to regain optimal performance. Performing overhauls at various points during the equipment’s lifespan enhances productivity, extends the operating time, and reduces costs.

Best Practices for Jaw Crushers Maintenance

  • Regularly inspect the materials. Examine the interior parts’ conditions, including the feeder pipes, impellers, circular guard plates, and wear-resistant blocks. Ensure that you repair or replace the wear parts in a timely manner.
  • Conduct periodic inspections of the drive belt. The drive belt is essential for the operation of the jaw crusher and should be regularly checked. Verify that the tension is properly adjusted and functioning smoothly.
  • Lubricate mechanical parts. Every 400 hours of operation, add the appropriate amount of oil. Every 2000 hours, open the spindle assembly and clean the bearings. Replace the bearings every 7200 hours.

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