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Cone Crushers Maintenance

Metso HP Cone crusher

Metso HP cone crushers: HP100, HP200, HP300 & HP400. Increase the productivity of your aggregates production

Cone crushers in the aggregates production cycle

Cone crushers are crucial to the mining industry and the production of aggregates. This specific mining equipment helps shape all types of minerals into the final products desired. They are designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the aggregates production cycle. The full range of Metso HP cone crushers, including the HP100 cone crusher, HP200 cone crusher, HP300 cone crusher and HP400 cone crusher, is available for all types of raw materials.

Cone crushers are widely employed for secondary and tertiary crushing stages in the crushing circuit. They operate by squeezing rock between a mantle and a concave, shaped like a bowl, and are part of the various crushing machines used in aggregates production installations.

How Do Cone Crushers Work?

Cone Crushers

Cone crushers are utilized for secondary, tertiary, and quaternary stages. Each cone crusher features a fixed jaw and a movable jaw. The movable jaw performs rotational movements inside the fixed jaw, and this rotational motion exerts the crushing force on materials.

The process involves a cone mounted on an eccentric shaft that crushes materials in the crushing chamber. The crusher reduces material size by compressing it between the fixed concave jaw and the movable jaw. These crushers are widely employed for producing aggregate material finer than approximately 50-100 mm.

Metso crushing solutions : HP100 cone crusher, HP200 cone crusher, HP300 cone crusher and HP400 cone crusher

Metso is a company specializing in manufacturing crushing solutions such as cone crushers, jaw crushers, impact crushers, and portable/mobile crushers. With over a hundred years of experience, the brand delivers crushing equipment that suits all needs. Metso manufactures crushing equipment with the objective of providing high-capacity, reliable, and energy-efficient solutions for all types of mining applications. Metso’s crushers offer an optimal crushing process that reduces ore to the desired size more efficiently, economically, and safely. Additionally, Metso provides services for cone crushers, such as cone crushers parts replacements or cone crushers maintenance. Check our Metso products on Haladjian Minerals Solutions’s catalogue.

The Metso Nordberg HP Cone Crushers

Metso produces several types of cone crushers, particularly the Nordberg HP cone crushers range. Ranging HP100, HP200, HP300 and HP400, these cone crushers are modern and very successful with over 10,000 units sold to date. The HP series cone crushers are reliable rock-crushing machines designed for optimized performance based on speed, eccentricity, and cavity profile.

They provide cost-effective efficiency with reduced energy and time consumption. The Nordberg HP cone crushers (HP100 cone crusher, HP200 cone crusher, HP300 cone crusher and HP400 cone crusher) ensure safe and user-friendly mining conditions, reducing downtime and extending operating hours. These cone crushers adapt to various mining or aggregate production needs and are suitable for secondary, tertiary, and quaternary applications, available in stationary as well as mobile and portable models.

Cone Crusher Maintenance

Haladjian Minerals Solutions recommends that customers opt for high-quality parts to maintain their production facilities and prolong the life of their equipment. This choice ensures that crushers operating in quarries and mines continue to perform at high levels. Nevertheless, these components require careful inspection and regular replacement. Hence, we offer a wide selection of wear parts and mechanical components, including:

  • Mechanical Parts such as:
    • Bowl assembly
    • Head assembly
    • Frame assembly
    • Hydraulic assembly
    • Counterweight assembly
    • Connecting rod
    • Connecting rod shield
    • Articulation flap and grain
    • Return system
    • Adjustment system
    • Tightening screws
    • Shaft
    • Pulley – Transmission…
  • Spare parts such as:
    • Distributor cone
    • Locking screw and spacer ring (martyr)
    • Fixed jaw
    • Movable jaw
    • Unbalanced armor
    • Frame armor
    • Fixing corner
    • Upper and lower side shields
    • Shock screen
    • Rotor
    • Strikers

HP Cone Crushers Technical and Design Specificities

The HP cone crushers are designed for high performance in mining applications, delivering predictable and consistent production. The HP100, HP200, HP300 and HP400 Metso cone crushers offer exceptional versatility, suitable for a broad range of mining applications from coarse to extra-fine, in secondary, tertiary, and quaternary mining operations. With diverse speed, feed, and cavity options, they ensure adaptability to various roles, guaranteeing consistent capacity, product size, gradation, and shape. The mechanically fixed crusher setting and secure dual-acting cylinders, coupled with a spiderless design reduce blockage risks, facilitating an unrestricted flow of feed material in the secondary stage.

The HP cone crushers feature easy bowl rotation for liner changes and crusher setting adjustments using a hydraulic motor. The tramp-release function reacts efficiently to overloads, ensuring instant opening, recovery, and continuous operation. The large clearing stroke and double-acting hydraulic cylinders facilitate quick, safe clearing in case of unexpected crusher stops under load.

The Metso’s Nordberg HP Series cone crushers are well-suited for achieving maximum size reduction ratios for downstream processes. With customizable cavities, these crushers are easily adaptable based on feed size and specific closed side feed openings, making them ideal for secondary and tertiary applications prioritizing material size reduction.

Metso HP Cone Crusher Technical Specificities

HP100 cone crusher Technical Specificities

The HP100 cone crusher has a 735 mm head diameter with a power of 90 kW. The cone crusher weighs 6,470 kg, with a feed opening of 150 mm and a capacity of 155 Mtph.

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HP200 cone crusher Technical Specificities

The HP200 cone crusher has a 940 mm head diameter with a power of 132 kW. The cone crusher weighs 12,160 kg, with a feed opening of 185 mm and a capacity of 250 Mtph.

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HP300 cone crusher Technical Specificities

The HP300 cone crusher has a 1,120 mm head diameter with a power of 220 kW. The cone crusher weighs 18,100 kg, with a feed opening of 241 mm and a capacity of 440 Mtph.

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HP400 cone crusher Technical Specificities

The HP400 cone crusher has a 1,320 mm head diameter with a power of 315 kW. The cone crusher weighs 23,600 kg, with a feed opening of 304 mm and a capacity of 630 Mtph.

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Cone Crushing Parts and Crushing Equipment Services

Haladjian Minerals Solutions is a company specializing in supplying spare parts and wear parts for cone crushers (HP 100 cone crusher, HP 200 cone crusher, HP 300 cone crusher and HP 400 cone crusher), offering mining services related to mining equipment and aggregates production processes such as process study optimization, or aggregates production facility design. As a Metso dealer, we assist you in choosing the best HP cone crusher for your needs.

Additionally, we are a mining mechanical parts supplier with a focus on impact crushers and jaw crushers mechanical parts. Our mining experts specialize in crushing and grinding machines’ electrical and mechanical inspections. They are experienced in machine expertise, cone crushers maintenance, and cone crushers rebuild. Our workforce intervenes in crushing machine maintenance operations and the refurbishment of secondary crushers. We collaborate with Metso to provide mining companies with the best mining equipment possible.

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