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Plating dust in quarries

Tackling the “dust” problem in mines and quarries

Haladjian, an ally of the extractive industry

The Haladjian Group and its various subsidiaries provide daily support to mines and quarries: 

  • Haladjian Drilling Solutions

Since 2020, Haladjian has been distributing drilling tools and spare parts for EPIROC® drills to quarries in France. 

  • Haladjian Minerals Solution                 

HMS is a supplier of spare parts (wear parts and mechanical parts) for jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, screens, metal deck feeders, conveyors in mines and quarries.  

In addition to the supply of spare parts, HMS offers various services dedicated to aggregates production equipment: machine expertise, machine maintenance and machine rebuild 

When your fixed mineral or aggregate production facilities require modification, HMS can assist you with process study and optimization, facility design, performance contracting and process optimization and engineering. 

With Haladjian Minerals Solutions, reduce machine downtime and increase your production capacity! 


  • Haladjian Mobile Solutions

Haladjian offers personalized diagnostics of your machines (level of wear of buckets, protections…) according to the rocks extracted, provides solutions for ground attack tools and adapted mechanical parts, offers performance monitoring and the implementation of machine wear contracts to limit machine stoppages, improve your productivity and reduce your operating costs. 


  • Haléco

This subsidiary offers various product ranges to limit occupational and industrial risks in quarries: 

– pollution prevention and control: absorbents, hydrocarbon control in quarries, retention, washing areas for machines, etc. 

– dust control 

– site layout (anti-fatigue mats, fire extinguishers, shock absorbers), 

– traffic (speed bumps, signage), 

– waste management (dustbins, big bags, containers, skips), 

– protection of people at work (PPE, defibrillators, first aid kits to prevent falls from height and falls from objects/tools). 


Discover a wide range of standard and customized transport, refueling and storage tanks as well as all complementary equipment, installation, training in use… 

Aggregate production generates dust 

Created to provide our customers in the Quarry sector with an offer adapted to the environment and safety, HALECO offers effective solutions to combat the dust problem as summer approaches.  


 Speed bumps 

>> Limit the speed of machine traffic. 


 The misting gun 

Drops of fog water attract and remove small dust particles, over distances of several dozen meters. 

>> No more suffocating environments for the workers. Reduces the risk of accidents due to lack of visibility. Reduces olfactory nuisances. Lowers the temperature on the production site in summer. 

Canon brumisateur pour le plaquage des poussières en carrière

 The binder for dust suppression on quarry tracks 

Withstands an average of 150 machine passages. Renewable treatment. 

Non-hazardous for humans and the environment. 

>> Avoids the formation of dust generated by the traffic of machines, on uncoated tracks. 

Liant végétal pour le plaquage des poussières sur les pistes des carrières

 The binder for the protection of the surface of quarry stocks 

The spraying of the binder leads to the formation of a protective crust on the surface which prevents the dust from flying away. 

Suitable for silica, road materials, asphalt aggregates, bauxite… 

Not dangerous for man and environment. 

>> Limits erosion and dust blowing due to wind. 

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