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Conveyor Mechanical Parts

Conveyor mechanical parts

Solutions and expertise for Conveyor mechanical parts

Conveyor systems for quarries and aggregates production fixed installations

Conveyor systems consist of various mechanical parts that work together to transport materials within quarries. These conveyors are a crucial part of fixed quarry installations, contributing to aggregate production. Expertise in the aggregate industry, particularly in machine maintenance and machine expertise, is essential for ensuring the smooth operation of these installations.

Haladjian Minerals Solutions offers a comprehensive range of solutions for the supply of spare parts, wear parts, and mechanical components specifically designed for quarry installations and conveyor systems. These conveyor systems play a vital role in transporting minerals from extraction to the final product, involving various materials and components, such as:

  • Belts or Chains
  • Rollers
  • Drive Units
  • Idlers
  • Take-Up Units
  • Frames
  • Bearing Units
  • Scrapers and Cleaners
  • Vibration Isolators

Haladjian Minerals Solutions caters to the needs of actors in the aggregates production industry, providing conveyor mechanical parts and assisting with maintenance and parts management for fixed aggregates production equipment.

Design and aggregates production processes for aggregates production

The production of aggregates requires expertise in designing quarry facilities. Our technical studies office and engineering services offer custom-made fixed plant solutions for quarry installations. Our know-how and expertise in aggregate production are also valuable for optimizing and upgrading aggregates production processes to enhance productivity. We assist our customers in evaluating their mineral production processes, focusing on optimizing mining grinding equipment and crushing equipment.

Optimizing processes and upgrading equipment complement each other. This combined approach breathes new life into your aggregates production plant and reduces long-term downtime of your mining equipment, all without the need for significant financial investments.

Our rebuild machine service aims to extend the lifespan of crushing and grinding machines and mining components, much like our approach to conveyor mechanical parts. The rebuild program revitalizes your aggregates production equipment, restoring it to optimal performance. Learn more about our rebuild machine program and get to know better about the five steps of aggregates production processes.

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