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Intervention sur un rotor d’une production de granulat

Intervention on a rotor during a scheduled shutdown

Haladjian Minerals Solutions is a mining company that provides services of machine maintenance on mining equipment. To avoid shutdowns of your aggregate production, Haladjian Minerals Solutions can organize planned interventions on any of your equipment like crushing or grinding machines.

It is what this client recently asked Haladjian Minerals Solutions to do. During a scheduled shutdown in a gypsum quarry, our mining experts carried out a maintenance operation. They replaced the primary toothed rotor, the reducer assembly, and the steel deck scraper.

A success that confirmed the choice of our client to trust Haladjian Minerals Solutions in the organization of its planned maintenance. This planification allows to maintain the continuity of any quarry production capacities.

Maintaining your mining equipment operational and efficient all along the year is crucial to the quality and the quantity of your quarry’s production. That’s why Haladjian Minerals Solutions provides machine maintenance services as well as other services like process study and optimization or facility design for your mining and quarrying activities.

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