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Happy international women's day ! Meet Stéphanie

The Haladjian group puts women in the spotlight!

Meet Stephanie, Purchasing Officer, Haladjian Minerals Solutions

Today, March 8, 2022, is International Women’s DayOn this occasion, we highlight a handful of women working within the Haladjian Group.

Here is the testimony of Stéphanie occupying the position of Purchasing Officer for the subsidiary Haladjian Minerals

Stéphanie, tell us a few words about your educational and professional background

“My educational and professional background,

I obtained a technology degree in Business at the University of Angers. Then, I worked one year as a French language assistant in a college / high school in the north-east suburbs of London, which allowed me to master English well.

I continued with a degree in International Trade at the University of Rotterdam as part of the Erasmus exchange program.

Following these business studies, I worked in London again for 3 years in a subsidiary of the Fyffes group, importing products from France and Morocco.

After, that I worked in Provence in a Dutch company specialized in the export of fresh produce.”


How long have you been working at Haladjian?


“I joined Haladjian in 2002, as a temporary worker. Then I was hired in 2003.”


What position are you in today? Can you describe it to us quickly? What do you like about your job?


“I am currently a supplier in the Purchasing department, subsidiary Haladjian Minerals Solutions. My main role is to organize and manage the flow and stock of goods within my scope.

I have to ensure good stock rotation, no understocking or overstocking, no stockouts on the fast runners and above all respond as best and quickly as possible to customer needs.

This position requires a lot of anticipation, organization and responsiveness. Of course, you have to be fluent in oral / written English.”


How do you manage evolving in a man’s environment? Did you have to impose yourself or did you find your place naturally?


“I have always worked at the Haladjian headquarters in Sorgues where gender equality is fairly respected. The Purchasing department has always been more feminine, and the Haladjian Minerals Solutions subsidiary is even more so. That being said, the spirit remains very masculine. You must stay professional on a daily basis, and above all not to be sensitive”


How do you manage your role of mother and your professional career on a daily basis?


“Being a mom is really a job in its own right and by far the most complicated. I was easily able to combine the 2 roles: my superiors have always allowed me to manage my family life, (sick child, closed school, school holidays… ) which allows me to be more serene on a daily basis. You also have to know how to rely on those around you, spouse, family and friends.

My children are now grown up, their needs are different, but the worries grow with them…”


What advice would you give to young women who will soon be entering the world of work?


“The place and role of women within companies is changing.

Persevere because many so-called “masculine” professions are becoming feminized!”

We would like to thank Stéphanie for her testimony and
the time she took to answer these few questions.


The commitment of the Haladjian Group


The Haladjian Group has been committed for several years to highlighting women.

It joins the program of the association CAPITAL FILLES!

Learn more about our commitment

Learn more about CAPITAL GIRL

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