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The Haladjian Group at the service of extractive industries productivity: quarries, mines, recycling centers

For many years now, the Haladjian Group has been committed to supporting the extractive industries players and offering solutions to their problems. Find out how by reading this article!

Haladjian Minerals Solutions

Haladjian Minerals Solutions is a supplier of solutions and applications for the mining industry. Its mission is to improve the performance and reduce the cost per ton of crushing and grinding plants and mining facilities. That is why Haladjian Minerals Solutions is specialised in:

wear parts and mechanical parts for the most representative crushers, grinders, screens and conveyors (flat belt, steel deck feeders…) on the market

• services dedicated to quarry machines such as crushers, grinders:
   > machine expertise to anticipate unplanned shutdowns and mechanical failures
   > machine maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of facilities, limit maintenance costs, maintain aggregate production quality and keep a safe working environment for operators
   > rebuild machines and rebuild components in order to extend their lifespan by remanufacturing them

process studies and optimisation of aggregate production equipment with a view to modernising, increasing productivity or optimising production costs

design and construction of new fixed aggregate production facilities

performance contracts that allow quarrymen to reduce their operating costs and increase their aggregate production

Haladjian Mobile Equipment Solutions

Haladjian Mobile Equipment Solutions distributes multi-brand spare parts for mobile equipment in quarries. Haladjian also provides services for machines:

• personalised diagnosis of your machine fleet (level of wear of buckets, protections…) according to your quarry, then handing in of a complete report with recommendations for repair in terms of protections, ground attack tools, mechanical parts, wear parts.
• performance monitoring through a complete wear survey of your tools and equipments, as well as a measurement and analysis of the performance of the deployed solutions.
• the ‘wear’ contract, based on recommendations for the supply and management of wear parts stocks, helps to limit machine downtimes, improve productivity and reduce operating expense.

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Haladjian Drilling Solutions

Haladjian Drilling Solutions distributes drilling tools and spare parts for Epiroc® drilling machines on the French quarry market and covers all the following drilling tools:
• tophammer drilling tools (TH)
• down-the-hole hammers drilling tools (DTH)
• Coprod range: a unique and patented system that ensures fast and straight drilling in the most difficult rocks for an exceptional hole quality
• spare parts for drilling machines

Haladjian Drilling Solutions also provides service: machine at a standstill diagnosis, preventive maintenance, repairs, hammer overhaul, rebuild, midlife service.

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Haladjian Industrial Solutions

In 2022, Haléco France becomes Haladjian Industrial Solutions!

Haladjian Industrial Solutions provides environment and workers protection solutions for the extractive industry in their fight against work accidents and risks of fire, explosion, air, water and soil pollution…

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