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Optimisation Process Production Miniere

Process optimization and engineering


Optimization and engineering of the mining production process

Optimization of the mining production process

Haladjian Minerals Solutions has extensive experience in the crushing and grinding industry in the mining sector.

Our goal is to leverage our solid field experience and the expertise of our technical and engineering team to analyse and optimize circuits process with the primary objective of reducing the cost per tonne of the plant while increasing its recovery of concentrate.

Given the cyclical nature of the mining industry, we want to cut costs for our customers and to increase their production to be the most suitable for all industry cycles.

In order to cope with the volatility of ore prices, mines must be as optimised as possible in order to lower their operating costs to absorb the lowest ore price while still being the most productive when the ore price is high.

That’s where we come in. We help our customers challenge their own process circuit and implement the right strategies.

Our methodology for optimizing the mining process

We first carry out a complete diagnosis of the crushing and grinding circuit, in which all the parameters of the circuit are taken into account, as well as the identification of all the bottlenecks in the circuit. Following this diagnosis, we present a complete report containing all the recommendations based on the results of the current process and the recommended changes in operating methods or equipment to optimise the process. .

Our technical report includes modelling and simulation work with surveys, mass balancing analysis and basic models to confirm the feasibility of our simulation.

Our methodology is broken down into five phases:

Optimisation Process Minier Phase 1

Phase 1
Definition of areas for improvement and economy, checking with customers 

Optimisation Process Minier Phase 2

Phase 2
Definition of an action plan for each solution proposed 

Optimisation Process Minier Phase 3

Phase 3
 Analysis of potential suppliers’ solutions along with quotes to implement the actions

Optimisation Process Minier Phase 4

Phase 4
Comparative analysis (standard concept versus optimized concept

Optimisation Process Minier Phase 5

Phase 5
 Analysis of the savings and productivity output with the projects.
Decision at integration level and return on capital invested

According to customer’s decisions, Haladjian Minerals Solutions can implement the actions listed for optimization with detailed engineering and supervision of the results.

Example of process optimization

Process Production Miniere 1

Drill & Blast optimization or checkup of
actual methods

Process Production Miniere 2

Review the design of the apron feeder chutes underneath primary gyratory


Process Production Miniere 3 5 8

Design installation of Sparmat unit sets on transfer point from apron feeder to conveyor 1

Process Production Miniere 4 13

Transfer chute conveyor 1 to conveyor 2

Analysis of current methods, evaluation and study
Checking with customers of different ore blending options

Modify apron feeder chutes to allow extra bed thickness to increase throughput

Design and select the units to be installed – Higher tonnage

Redesign completely the wear point in order to avoid any possible accidents. Better rock on rock and slow material transfer speed to conveyor 2. Higher tonnage to be processed

Process Production Miniere 3 5 8

Design installation of Sparmat unit sets on transfer point from conveyor 1 to conveyor 2

Process Production Miniere 6 9 12

Increase power in conveyor 2

Process Production Miniere 7

Pebble crushing circuit

Process Production Miniere 3 5 8

Analysis and survey of Ball Mills performance

Design and select the units to be installed – Higher tonnage

Higher tonnage to be processed (over 35%) requires higher power to convey the material to stockpile

Higher capacity, lower P80 and reliable control of stable P80 in order to feed directly Grinding Ball Mills

How to increase Grinding Mills capacity if fed with lower F80?

Process Production Miniere 6 9 12

Flotation circuit

Process Production Miniere 10


Process Production Miniere 11


Process Production Miniere 6 9 12

Tailing Pump System

Process Production Miniere 4 13

IPPC – In Pit Crushing and Conveying

Flotation Cells circuits required to cope with higher throughput

Review the thickening requirements so that we may process higher throughput.

Existing Filtering will not cope with higher capacity. Defnition of the requirements and sizing new units to be installed.

Evaluation of capacities to be handled after performance increase.
New options to pump or convey the tailings

Due to mine characteristics (ore grades in different areas and level, distance to primary crusher, utilization of high number of expensive dump trucks (specially expensive on maintenance) we do believe we can come up with a IPCC system with 3 to 4 units (different ores and different levels) and a set of conveying systems (mix of extendable and overland conveyors)

Estimation of the output of all change’s implementation:

Economie de la Production Miniere

Estimated operational savings/year:

$ 2,500,000 or $ 10,500,000 after IPPC implementation.

Augmentation de la Production Miniere

Estimated production increase:

$ 101,000,000.

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