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Contrats de Performance pour Industrie Miniere

Performance contracts


Performance contracts for the mining and aggregates industries

What is a performance contract?

Haladjian Minerals Solutions has strong expertise in the crushing and grinding industry. Through our performance contracts, we want our customers to devote themselves entirely to their business, the production of aggregates, without having to deal with unplanned shutdowns, breakages, loss of productivity, etc.

Contrats De Performance Production Granulats

A global solution for even more productivity and peace of mind

In our performance contracts, we offer our customers a global solution allowing them to concentrate on the production of marketed material: aggregates, sand, etc.

The performance contract is a turnkey solution organised in the following way:

  • Our technical teams start with a study of the process to reveal the blocking points, bottlenecks etc., in order to propose an optimisation of your fixed facility to increase your productivity while reducing the cost per tonne.
  • This process study provides recommendations for optimising the plant by modifying and replacing certain equipment and parts. The purpose of replacing parts is to improve the performance of your crushing and grinding facility.
  • Once the parts have been changed, our teams redo the calculations to assess the production capacity of your plant in order to monitor the improvement of the process following corrective actions and to confirm the achievement of the set objectives.
  • Also, to ensure the performance of the aggregates production plant over time and bring peace of mind to our customers, we guarantee the supply of spare parts to our customers and give them access to all of our services: machine expertise, maintenance machine, machine reconditioning to minimise unscheduled shutdowns or any other event that would impact their business.
Contrats De Performance Industrie Minierale

By making all our expertise and experience available to the quarries of our customers, we reduce their operating costs and increase their production.

The performance contract is respected when the fixed facility produces the annual tonnage set at the time of signing the contract.

We are commited to achieving the results set in order to reduce the cost per tonne of our customers’ aggregates production plant.

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